9. August, 2017 : Articles
Internal use of animations for education purposes

Adriatic Slovenica animated illustrations

The global trend of gamification and animation video over the last 10 years is still on the ascent. Not only towards the end user but also inwardly - for the needs of education and building a business culture of companies.

That is why the insurance company Adriatic Slovenica has decided for simple and playful animations to present possible damage situations and proper handling when an accident happens to its agents. The client believes they can engage agents in a fun and playful way and thus contribute to a more relaxed culture in the insurance company.

Designing style and characters

With the help of the illustrator Ivan Mitrevski - a renowned Slovenian illustrator - we started to work on the style and individual characters of the "SLAPNIKOVI" family.

Script and animations

All scripts are thoughtfully made from the creative team at Adriatic Slovenica before going into production.


Animations were a nice addition to education and became an integral part of the educational process of both new and existing agents.
Aleš Šumah

Aleš Šumah

Cofounder, 3d and video lead
Organic homegrown all-round 3d artist with 20 years of profesional experience.