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The story inside of a glass.

Computer vision algorithm and a brand on a glass.

Steklarna Hrasnik, a world-renowned glass products maker has invited us to solve an interesting challenge. How can using a new technology offer a glass product that is connected to users via a smartphone on the market.

Their glass and bottle buyers are the world's largest producers of alcoholic beverages, but they face marketing challenges, which are in increasingly tightened national legislation in the promotion and the increasingly limited presence of advertising space in bars, restaurants, and public events.

At the time of the rise of social networks, brands of alcoholic beverages tried to use the advertising strategy on social networks, but the laws and rules and conditions on social networks prevented them from active advertising campaigns. Because social networks use many minors, the restriction was logical and expected.

During the boom of mobile applications, many manufacturers followed the strategy of presence on mobile applications, which meant a great deal of development and later marketing, especially at a time when a flood of applications arose, and at the same time it was extremely difficult to persuade users to take the time and download an app from the app store.

By following all of the above restrictions, we were looking for solutions to skip direct advertising on social media and at the same time come to user's engagement in bars, restaurants, and public events.

We often have a phone next to a glass on the table, we decided to make a connection between them using a web-based algorithm (the user does not need to download the application), which recognizes the brand on the glass. For the example, we took the logo sign "H" from Steklarna Hrastnik.

How to engage users with your brand by using computer vision

The idea was simple. Through a post on a social media where the brand is already present and has millions of followers, you paste the link to a mobile website through which one click activate camera of the smartphone. Web-based computer vision algorithm in the background recognizes or rejects the logo. In the event that user has taken logo receives a random inspirational quote and can share it with his friends on social media and encourage them to do the same.

New way of branding

Once we have a logotype algorithm, the brand can carry out an online campaign to actively engage their followers by taking a photo of the logo. Brands can offer them a game, an exclusive content or a video, a coupon for a more favorable purchase, etc.


We believe that in the years to come more additional content will appear on our smartphones with fast development and vast space of AI, VR & AR. In a dynamic digital world, you don't want to miss that opportunity. Stay bold and creative.

What we can do?

Using the computer vision algorithm and recognizing the logo, we enable brands to activate followers via social media anywhere and anytime.
Peter Miklavc

Peter Miklavc

Cofounder, CEO