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Time for your mind, body & soul.

Digital Detox

Today, many people are aware that we are living in the too fast pace of life, where our everyday lives are more and more stressful and time-consuming.

We lose pleasure to experience life. We know that the effects of stress, burnout at the workplace and the other consequences of excessive workload, are shown by the symptoms of many diseases.

Digital detox is a three-day experience of calming the mind and body by means of a personal approach at a top location, local food, and wonderful environment. You spend the entire time without using smartphones and devote ourselves to exploring the inner feelings and the conscious feeling of the body and the environment.

Behind Digital Detox

Research shows that a person can improve concentration, sleep quality, concentration and general well-being, thereby to shorten the time it spends on digital screens. The team of Digital Detox believes that rest, concentrated and satisfied employees are the best fuel for the success of your business.

New responsive website and platform

Our job was to make brand logo and website what allows presentations of partners who want to be a part of the idea that people can experience life without using smartphones or other digital gadgets. The idea of ​​Digital Detox is to connect the best providers in selected locations and to offer the world an exceptional experience in nature within a wide range of workshops, getting to know local food and traditional crafts.

For companies

There are many options you can choose and hope you will find the most appealing to you and your own co-workers. Programs can be adjusted so that it is compatible with your wishes and needs. If you have any ideas what you would like to include in the package we will listen carefully.

You are welcome to visit www.digitalnidetox.si

Peter Miklavc

Peter Miklavc

Cofounder, CEO