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Red Bull gives your mind wings!

Game for your mind

When we investigated the various use cases of computer vision for commercial purposes we saw in the Red Bull brand a great example of how their world famous can become a key to mind challenge.
Red Bull has always been focused on action sports - adrenaline - has always been involved in its brand.

In the recent period, a departure from the traditional strategy of adrenaline sports to activities related to brain activity is seen. A new segment that they want to persuade has become students who are learning late,
drivers who drive longer distances, and all who have a strong brain activity. And we were thinking - what if a Red Bull can in addition to the stimulating liquid contained simultaneously brain challenge?

But first - we had to develop web-based computer vision algorithm that can recognize Red Bull can. And we did it. How to play?

RedBull Mind Challenge

Dots are associated with numbers from 1 to 10 of the smallest number to the largest. Do not worry, the game is very fast and requires full concentration. Go to the next link above, take a picture of the Red Bull can and play. The website contains a computer vision algorithm that recognizes the Red Bull can, which allows you to enter the game. If you won't be satisfied with your results, take a sip of Red Bull and see the difference :)

User engagement in seconds

Red Bull haven't decided to try the game on the market, but maybe sometime in the future. The options are unlimited. The algorithm works on all browsers and around the world. All that Red Bull needs to do is send an invitation to a link through its social channels and at the moment, millions of users who have Red Bull close can play the game.

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Want challenge your mom? Without Red Bull it will not go :)
Peter Miklavc

Peter Miklavc

Cofounder, CEO